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osCommerce 是一套基于GNU GPL授权的开源在线购物电子商务解决方案。osc具有易于操作的可视化安装界面、完善的前台商品展示和户在线购物车功能、强大的后台管理,还有运行数率快,国外很受推崇。官方并这么提供中文语言包,不可以靠国内的有另一个组织汉化,可定制性相对差。

osCommerce  v3.0.2 changelog:

New Admin Applications:




Verify Session IDs - if requested Session ID does not exist, create and use a new Session ID.

Only call for Administration Dashboard Shortcut Notifications when shortcuts exist.

Support sub-domain URLs for Sites.

ErrorHandler messages now formated in UTF-8.

Allow configuration parameters to be retrieved by their key.

New Administration Dashboard Customers module.

New jQuery Plugins:

Buttonset Tabs - UI widget

BlockUI - to use on modal forms

SafetyNet - to warn when leaving a form with unsaved modifications.

Image Selector - to show images to choose from.

Update jQuery to 1.6.1

Update jQuery UI to 1.8.13

Replace Admin ErrorLog delete page with a modal dialog.

Update DataTable to support draggable rows.

New public/upload directory where files and images can be manually copied to.

New Javascript File Uploader script to handle single and multiple file uploads.

New Upload class supports PUT and POST file uploads.

After a CoreUpdate update package has been applied, refresh the administrator's session access list to show new Applications.

Allow CoreUpdate to run code after an update package has been applied (incl. SQL queries).

Show CoreUpdate logs.

Also seek new Applications and Languages in the Custom directory.

Remove case-sensitivity when filtering extensions in DirectoryListing.

Allow PDO_MySQL to connect to sockets.

Lock the Setup Site after a new installation has been performed.

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